Donor Stories

Manchester is blessed

to have the generous support of many friends, corporations, foundations, and alumni. Take a moment to read why some people just like YOU are excited to invest in this wonderful place and its people.

Tim Almack '76

"I was the first person in my family to finish college. Manchester's demanding classes and the personal attention and encouragement I received from professors prepared me for a successful career in public accounting."


Mike '82 and Karen Thompson Lamb '84x

Manchester University is very important to us. It was a special time in our lives and we want it to be a special time in others' lives, too."


Aaron '94 and Jodi Pippenger '95 Fetrow

"Manchester gave us an experience that we can never fully repay. What we can do, however, is support Manchester students now. Everyone experiences Manchester in a different way, but we all share a sense of place. That sense of place means a lot to us, and it is why we support Manchester."


Dr. Stephen Knaus '00

"My years at Manchester allowed me to pursue a career in medicine and, more importantly, to grow as a human being and establish lifelong friendships. I give so others can have their own experience at Manchester."



Will '08 and Kelli Barkey '09 Patch

"Our parents were great role models for us, modeling the importance of giving back. We've been fortunate and had a lot of opportunities and we are able to give back with a gift each month. We want other students to have the same opportunities, or even more, than we did."